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Joanne Rhodes - Physical Therapist

I use an integrated holistic approach in my practice; meaning I see you as a whole person, not as a label or a diagnosis. Having trained extensively as a Physical Therapist I combine my knowledge of Western medicine with mindfulness and intuitive energy work. I tailor sessions to my clients to facilitate and support them in achieving their goals.

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Aubrey Gates - Reiki Practitioner

Aubrey’s attuned and compassionate presence allows space for the recipient to connect deeply with their mind, body and spirit, empowering their higher selves to guide their own healing. Through the gentle healing technique of Reiki, Aubrey will use light to no touch around the Chakra centers, activating the natural healing processes of the body to help restore physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Each individual will have their own experience and may walk away with a greater sense of ease, clarity, stillness, or relaxation. The effects are subtle, and may not be felt right away. In any case, Aubrey’s hope is the reconnection with yourself is stronger than ever.

Aubrey received her Reiki I and II level certifications from Alan Waugh with Spirit Wisdom Healing at the base of the sacred and powerful Mount Shasta.



Anthony Compagnone & Renee Blodgett - Trance Mediumship & Energy Healing

WORKSHOP 1:30-2:25pm: Ancient Teachings About the Soul’s Journey in Today’s Reality with Anthony Compagnone & Renee Blodgett

Have you ever connected to an ancient wisdom keeper, teacher or author and wanted to dive deeper? Have you ever wanted more of your questions answered in a way that makes sense to you? Anthony and Renee will channel Higher Dimensional Beings, which include ascended masters, archangels, Galactic energies and more. From the 5th to the 13th & beyond dimensions, we’ll explore the ancient wisdom behind the soul, the soul’s journey, the soul’s purpose, past lives and future ones, quantum consciousness and quantum fields and how what we’re all doing here matters more than you think.

Although Spirit connects and works through both of this twin flame duo, Anthony fully embodies the energies that come through to teach, which means that they can see, touch, hear, smell and even taste through him. A rare form of mediumship, you’ll have the ability to ask your questions to these special light energy guides. These beautiful energies and deities will come through to answer your questions, using ancient wisdom that relates to the here and now in modern times. How does some of this ancient wisdom relate to today’s reality?

Our guides tell us all the time that we are nothing and we are everything. This pertains to a reality that is hard to get our heads around in a world that revolves around linear thinking. In a world where quantum physics explains our very existence here, there and everywhere, you’ll learn how the reality we’re living in now is just one of countless ones, all of which are happening simultaneously. There is no past, future or good and evil in the world of quantum consciousness. There just IS – everything and nothing. While we may just be grains of salt in the context of the much bigger universe in which we inhabit, our intentions, decisions and vibrations affect every living and breathing thing, from the plants, trees, animals, birds, and insects to the soil under our feet and the oceans on our planet. But, did you realize that our level of consciousness also impacts other planets and even universes?

Interested in how we are all interconnected? If you believe in a connected world, resonate with the idea of Oneness and want to ignite global consciousness, then this transformative workshop is for you.

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Carol Whitney - Pranashakthi Mahavidya Practitioner

Carol Whitney is a master practitioner and teacher of Pranashakthi Mahavidya, an ancient energetic modality from India which utilizes infinite dimensions and connection to cosmic consciousness/source energy to remove suffering in all its forms. This type of healing rapidly changes physical and mental imbalances.

Carol is highly claire-sentient, has knowing, and can sense intuitively how to specifically help a person or animal, based on the Divine guidance she receives. She has the ability to hold space at a deep level for peace, unconditional love and transformation. Devotion, trust, surrender, faith, and understanding are all elements that work to create the vibrational environment for a person to shift to wellness or to just feel lighter.

She works with crystals, can call in dolphin energies via animal communication and uses sacred geometry as well as many other techniques. She recently had a three month Yatra in Indian focused on sadana, and her energies are even more subtle. She also uses color therapy as a part of her offerings.

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Luna Ren Shay - Spiritual Wellness Practitioner

Luna Ren Shay has been practicing various forms of Oracular and Healing Arts for over 15 years. Luna is an ordained reverend, conscious relating coach, tarot card reader, CMT, tantra facilitator, energy worker, spiritual guidance counselor, and workshop facilitator. She creates nourishing space for the optimal experience and healing of her clients.

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Aminah Flower Moon - Herbalist & Spiritualist

I am a lover of trees, flowers, barks, roots.. I am a lover of the raw, primal energy that is life. I have been chosen to become an herbalist.. it's in my bloodline to be. I come from a long line of rootworkers, herbalists, farmers, medicine people.. protectors and keepers of the land that called them & embraced them and that sustained them.. I come from a long line of beautiful people whose blood, sweat and tears fertilized the earth.. whose bare feet were caressed by the dark, strong, loving dirt.. I come from a long line.. and this is why I do what I do.. to keep them alive through creating with my hands and heart. I am an herbalist, an artist, a creatress, a conconctress who is on the medicine path.. the same one my ancestors walked.. I get to walk and place my feet within the impressions left by theirs.. I am honored to do this work & I am honored to serve you...

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Kate Winch - Transformational Teacher & Intuitive Counselor


  • Let go of feeling stuck + move in the direction of your dreams

  • Let go of the past and tap into your vision.

  • Find out how EFT tapping can change your life.

Release what is not working and tap  into your power.

We will spend the workshop, tapping away blocks to new beginnings, setting intentions and visualizing. This will be a powerful way to get focused, release blocks and tap in to magic in your biz and life. Tapping helps release anxiety, fear and other negative emotions in the way of  living life fully.  EFT tapping is like acupuncture without using the needles, it is a powerful too you can use on yourself to release stress from your body and mind and reconnect with your true self.

Kate Winch is a transformational teacher, EFT/tapping practitioner, intuitive counselor and Qoya dance teacher. She leads workshops, teleclasses and works with clients one on one via skype all over the world. She has been a holistic practitioner for over 23 years and loves helping people get unstuck so they can shine + follow their dreams.  

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Lindsey Berryhill - Intuitive Healer & Counselor

Lindsey Berryhill's goal as an intuitive healer and counselor is to act as a mirror for her clients, reflecting back their innate wisdom, emotional intelligence and compassion for themselves and others. 

Based on her personal experience, she believes that those who have begun to heal themselves can be a powerful catalyst to facilitate healing in others. Guiding others along their own path of growth and transformation is her deepest intention. 

Through tools like yoga, reiki energy work and meditation, she aims to help clients manage stress, practice self care, find connection and tap into the profound joy that comes from unlocking their ability to heal themselves. Lindsey empowers her clients to become their own compass by embracing their personal strength, transformation and vulnerability. She's found that even the simple act of setting a morning routine can bring balance and wholeness to their lives in a powerful way. During sessions, Lindsey customizes these tools to awaken her client’s strength, wisdom and curiosity.

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Maret Rossi - Reiki Practitioner

Maret Rossi (mah-rit rah-si) is the owner and grower of Reiki Works, a Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki 靈氣 private practice serving the SF Bay Area. Practicing since 2014, she has learned Shoden (Reiki I) and Okuden (Reiki II) from Brian Brunius of NYC Reiki Center.

In essence, Reiki 靈氣 is like acupuncture without the needles - a technique of channeling energy through the hands. With her playful and deep presence, Maret creates a warm space for you to feel at peace in yourself and in your life. She sees Reiki as a natural source of healing that releases physical pain and emotional stress.

Maret offers healings out of Scarlet Sage Herb Co. in the Mission, and at Ancestral Apothecary in Grand Lake, Oakland. She also gives home visits and distance treatments upon request.

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Amy Hsu-Pedroza - Holistic & Water Specialist

I am a holistic health and wellness enthusiast and a water specialist. I love sharing the knowledge and insights about the water and beverages that we drink and how it can positively or negatively impact our health. I provide Alkalized, Hydrogen-Rich, Micro-clustered, and Antioxidant water to households in the Bay Area to provide the water solution for our wellness. As Dr. F. Batmanghelidj states, " You're Not Sick, You're Thirsty!" I look forward to sharing so much more in person!

Change Your Water, Change Your Life!

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Elaine Guillon - Reiki Practitioner

Table: Eternal-Therapy is a holistic wellness practice that offers a modern approach to self-care and spiritual awareness. Founded in San Francisco by Dalina In and Elaine Guillon, healers who are committed to helping others discover their inner journeys, they guide clients in personal transformation and healing. Both Reiki masters, Dalina and Elaine offer a peaceful refuge from the outside world.

The Eternal-Therapy experience is elevated through the infusion of Reiki and hemp derived CBD in products, which are paired with treatment so to evoke deeper transformation and healing. The product range features oils, teas, and herbal elixirs designed for a range of intentions and are microbatch crafted under the Full Moon with the finest botanicals, essential oils, and hemp derived CBD.

Reiki Sessions: Eternal-Therapy is a holistic wellness company that offers a modern approach to self-care and spiritual awareness. Founded in San Francisco, California in 2016 by Elaine Guillon and Dalina In, healers who are committed to helping others discover their inner journeys, they guide clients in personal transformation and healing. Reiki masters that are certified in spiritual development, hypnotherapy, sound healing, spirit release, and energy management, Elaine and Dalina offer a peaceful refuge from the outside world.

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Adelina Tancioco - Spiritual Life Coach & Healer

As a Certified Spiritual Life Coach & Healer, Adelina can help you design and manifest a life that is in harmony with your Soul’s purpose. She specializes in supporting women of color stop living a life on auto-pilot and instead co-manifest with the Universe/God their deepest desires and create richer and more fulfilling lives!

When she was 5 years old she learned about her familial indigenous gift of intuition through a dream and has since continued to hone in on her intuitive gifts through guidance from her ancestors and God. Through their support, she was guided to study under some of the greatest teachers of intuition here and abroad and now has a system of transformation not just for herself but also those she has the honor of serving.

As a sought-after speaker, certified coach, and healer her work empowers people to breakthrough limitations and achieve greater results than they have known before.

Workshop: Self Healing from the Philippine Motherland

Adelina is grateful to have intuitive gifts that have been passed down in her family for generations. In today’s workshop she will be sharing with you Healing techniques that she learned in the Philippines and from Spirit on how to self-heal.

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Lore Ross - Channel & Spiritual Counselor

Lore Ross is a Channel, Coach, and Spiritual Counselor serving the global population to create healing. Her work centers on the stories and patterns which hold us back by helping to rewrite the body™ and shift energy to access the individual healing needed.

In large groups, workshops, or in one-on-one sessions, Lore holds supportive space. From this place of awareness, the stories held inside the body emerge providing access to recognize the energy from Ancestral Lineage, DNA, and cellular memory. By releasing stories and designs no longer needed, the door opens to new pathways, and one experiences a lightness and freedom, allowing transformation to flower and nourish. With this new awareness, every moment presents the opportunity to breathe and feel safe.

Lore’s deep trust allows Source to speak through her body in Ancient Dialects, harmonic tones, sound and vibration. Aligned with Source, she offers a gentle, non-directed approach to healing and transformation for trauma, grief, illness, injury, as well as offering insight and guidance.

Lore’s work spans generations and geographies. Over the years, Lore has been asked to facilitate workshops and sessions including the recent live KOWS broadcast with Arnold Levine; KVMR Women’s Collective; KVMR WonderLove broadcast (along with special guest and peace activist, Ken Nwadike, Jr, Free Hugs Project); 4EEE & Fox Walker Programs; HoneyRoot Women’s Embodiment Retreat; WorldFest; Holistic Healing Saloon-The Center SF; Private Sessions throughout California and the globe, and more.

Lore holds a BS in Psychology, Counseling from San Diego State University and an MA in English, Creative Writing from California State University Sacramento. Additional Certifications: Massage Therapist; Reiki Master; BodyTalk Systems Practitioner. Lore is currently writing a book.

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Chloe La Bare.jpg

Chloe La Bare - Massage Therapist

My training as a dancer is what first brought me to Bodywork. A late-comer to dance - after being a teacher in Cultural Studies and French - I got to experience for myself the body’s incredible ability to transform itself and regain its innate fluidity through movement and training. Introduced to partner stretching and other interactive types of movement, I realized that guided work could expand anyone’s potential far beyond their own individual reach.

In parallel, a severe digestive condition took me on a long journey of finding the right healing modality. After having tried every possible approach in vain, I finally came across Nutrition Response Testing, the first one to dramatically improve my condition ~I am therefore thrilled to now be able to offer such a life-altering healing approach to the public!

Master's degree in Sociology,
Paris VIII University, France
Advanced Licensed Massage Therapist.

Reiki Master, Shiatsu, Swedish, Deep Tissue, PNF, Lomi Lomi. San Francisco School of Massage
Thai Massage, International Training Massage School, Chang Mai, Thailand
Clinical Nutritionist
Nutrition Testing Response Intermediary level, Ulan school, Clearwater, FL

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Kim Piechowski - Reiki Master & Intuitive Counselor

Kim combines heart centered counseling with Reiki; balancing emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of being. Nurturing by nature, Kim supports with compassion, understanding and direction setting. Reiki unblocks energy and transforms whatever is out of balance. The first session opens a channel to healing and a door to a more authentic you. Continued care is powerfully effective in understanding and healing emotional & physical pain, disconnect, anxiety and stress. Sessions include aromatherapy to deepen the experience. Welcome Peace in an introductory mini-session.

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Adam Kaufman - Psychotherapist

I’ve been a psychotherapist for over ten years. I was trained in a variety of techniques while doing graduate work at NYU, and I draw upon my knowledge of psychology, life coaching, and meditation traditions to help people move forward on their unique life paths. Unlike the stereotypical therapist who only listens and nods his head while you tell him about your childhood, my style is engaged and focused on what you need now. We may do some analysis of what’s happened to you in the past, but more often we focus more on present problems, solutions, and goals.

While working with me, people experience both internal and external shifts. I offer a safe space for you to be yourself; it is from that place that healing and growth can best happen. We’ll stay focused on what you need.

Whether we’re working on decreasing your anxiety, improving your romantic life, or helping you make a major life change like quitting your job, our work together will help you build confidence and start trusting your own intuition more.

My varied experiences (from my NYC birthplace to Peace Corps in Bangladesh to adventures at Burning Man) have shown me how human beings struggle and thrive. Along the way, I’ve had many teachers who have supported me on my personal growth journey. I hope to be a positive influence on your path as well.

Psychotherapeutic Orientation:
In more technical terms, I’m an eclectic person-centered psychotherapist, and my style draws from psychotherapeutic modalities such as Gestalt Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, Somatic Psychotherapy, Solution-Focused Therapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy, Positive Psychology, and Life Coaching.

Educational Credentials:
BA in Anthropology - Connecticut College, Graduated in 2005
MSW - New York University, Graduated in 2010

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Ruth Galvan.jpeg

Ruth Galván - Holistic Massage, Energy Healing and Coherence Specialist

Holistic massage uses different tools to calm the active mind and transport the body to a state of relaxation. Witnessing the transformation produced by holistic massage in my clients motivated me to learn and to understand more about how relaxation and quieting the mind can help us heal achieving a coherence state that allows the systems of the body to function in a state of energetic coordination. Most of the time this happens by chance due to our limiting thoughts, judgments and points of view. I have practiced massage Holistic and Energetic Therapies in San Francisco and the Bay Area for more than 11 years. It pleases me be able to help my clients, guiding them using different tools to achieve a coherence state where is possible to access an intuitive higher natural flow of energy to create a life full of opportunities health and abundance.

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Daniel Fettinger - Reiki & Intuitive Healer

Daniel is a certified Teaching Master of Kali-Ki and Usui Reiki, Channeler, and Intuitive Healer practicing in San Francisco. Working with you and your guides, he identifies and clears energetic blocks which can lead to anxiety, emotional distress and physical discomfort.

A firm believer that “the body is the last to know,” Daniel works systematically with your energetic centers while taking instruction from Spirit as to which areas are in need of attention. The result is not only a greater immediate sense of lightness and relaxation, but often specific takeaways and clarity on issues that can be carried into day to day life.

Daniel takes great joy in supporting others as they learn to give themselves permission to heal at every level. He considers it an honor/duty to serve both Spirit and his clients in whatever capacity he might.

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