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Daniel Fettinger - Reiki & Intuitive Healer

Daniel is a certified Teaching Master of Kali-Ki and Usui Reiki, Channeler, and Intuitive Healer practicing in San Francisco. Working with you and your guides, he identifies and clears energetic blocks which can lead to anxiety, emotional distress and physical discomfort.

A firm believer that β€œthe body is the last to know,” Daniel works systematically with your energetic centers while taking instruction from Spirit as to which areas are in need of attention. The result is not only a greater immediate sense of lightness and relaxation, but often specific takeaways and clarity on issues that can be carried into day to day life.

Daniel takes great joy in supporting others as they learn to give themselves permission to heal at every level. He considers it an honor/duty to serve both Spirit and his clients in whatever capacity he might.

Please visit for more details danielsteven.org